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Our Founder

Founder and owner Tara Neja started Serendipity Payroll to provide a level of service to small business owners that they struggle to get from large payroll providers.

With over 20 years of experience working for two large payroll providers, Tara listened to feedback from clients. She understood their pain and frustration. Tara felt confident she could provide a solution to their needs. Thus, the creation of Serendipity Payroll.

A Dream Come True

Like me, you have worked hard to create your dream: transforming what was once an idea into a viable business. The keys to your success were, no doubt, fueled by passion and much more. Your employees are the heartbeat of your business.

Serendipity Payroll understands and wants to walk beside you in making sure they are paid timely, accurately, and with ease. Payroll is our passion. We look forward to the opportunity to pleasantly surprise you.

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- Jeannette D.

"You really are the Best Ever! I absolutely LOVE you in the most professional way!! Thank you for being a blessing!"

- Alea Harbulak

"Looking to rid yourself of the headache of weekly payroll? Tara Neja with Serendipity Payroll will save you time and money by processing your payroll faster and easier than ever. Tara provides prompt and professional service by making sure your payroll is processed accurately and received on time. If you’re looking for a payroll solution, look no further than Serendipity Payroll. When it comes to complex payroll issues, Tara Neja is a name you can count on. Offering top-rate service with a smile -- that’s Tara Neja at Serendipity Payroll."

- Kathe E.

"You are, without a doubt, the absolute BEST!!!!!! Switching to Serendipity was the best decision I've ever made. Thank you so much for everything you do! I'm your biggest fan."

- Margaret Lai

"Tara has always been professional, courteous, and timely while handling our payroll in the past. As a small business owner of over half a dozen clinics and surgical centers, having Tara manage our payroll means one less thing we have to worry about. Now with the launch of Serendipity, she's not only been able to help us with payroll but also HR and Pay as you go W/C. Now, we finally have the time and peace of mind to do what we enjoy doing and focus on running our medical practice. I can not recommend Serendipity enough for all your payroll needs. Tara has proven over and over again that she will go above and beyond her call of duty to help us run our business efficiently while remaining in compliance. Congrats to Tara and Serendipity! Its a great start and we're looking forward to long lasting relationship!"

- Aimee N.

"Tara is awesome and is extremely helpful! She is ALWAYS available when I need help or have questions. So happy to have switched to Serendipity!"

- Jeanie

"As always, I appreciate your professional help and your quick responses. You are without a doubt the best business contact we have made since starting this business."